GitGirl: Battle Rainbow GitGirl: Battle Rainbow

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Excellent Megaman X-inspired platform game!

Version: 1.3.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Igmon

Game screenshots:

GitGirl: Battle Rainbow
GitGirl: Battle Rainbow
GitGirl: Battle Rainbow

GitGirl: Battle Rainbow description:

Fitgirl: Rainbow War very similar to the traditional Mega Man, a platform game in 2D with the mechanics of this game, the player will have to face many dangers to save the world the hero who Fitgirl, control.
Fitgirl game: Megaman Battle really is a Rainbow are almost the same. Choose between a few different hazard filled levels and you must face the final boss at the end of each one.
In total, their ultimate boss, which will make things even more difficult for you, plus the absolute final boss Fitgirl nine levels: the war of the rainbow, every one of you will find.
In order to help overcome the many challenges you will encounter, there is a wide range of motion. Otherwise, fire power, ground, wall jump and some special moves may shift.
Fitgirl: very fun 2D platformer that will appeal more to fans of the series Megaman Battle Rainbow game.

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