Giant Moto Giant Moto

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Traditional arcade-style motocross!

Version: 1.3
Licence: Full
Publisher: rocket5studios

Game screenshots:

Giant Moto
Giant Moto
Giant Moto

Giant Moto description:

Giant Moto jumps to the finish line a full four-lane divided through a piece to get classic Nintendo Excite Bike is a racing game similar.
There are 10 different tracks and three difficulty levels. You can play a few times against different opponents to earn all the achievements to beat.
The key is to use the right turbo Moto giant. We’re going to press and achieve the highest possible rate on the horses. Landing by tilting the iPhone a better biking guide.
Giant Moto is an online 3D graphics and really fun and made the banner with great success. Guarantee hours of fun.

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