Generic Platformer Generic Platformer

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A not-so-generic platformer!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Arvi Teikari

Game screenshots:

Generic Platformer
Generic Platformer
Generic Platformer

Generic Platformer description:

Global Platform, despite what the name suggests, many a global platform. In fact, you will be given a laser gun to destroy the levels that you can use however you wish.
The goal in each level is to obtain the flag at the end. But of course this laser gun don’t that’s easy, making it impossible to complete the level.
As you play, we, too, would have of course, you’ll have to collect different treasures and money. In fact, sometimes have certain items on the map, it will be absolutely necessary to complete the level.
In terms of graphics, there is nothing surprising in the platform overall, but some of the appeal. Also, different surfaces in a way that destroys the laser gun is so much fun to watch to see.
General Platform (the laser gun) thanks to this type of very traditional, which adds a unique component to the game is a fun platform game.

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