Geki Yaba Runner Geki Yaba Runner

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Save the kingdom and collect the socks!

Version: 1.0.2
Licence: Free
Publisher: Chillingo

Game screenshots:

Geki Yaba Runner
Geki Yaba Runner
Geki Yaba Runner

Geki Yaba Runner description:

Geki Yaba Runner with lots of platforms and hazards to run through a fantastic Kingdom along the way is collecting socks, which play a dwarf if it finds any friendly 2B.
Hero runs continuously and press jump and forward at the right moments special abilities. Also, by holding down the jump button to glide and more include travel GNOME.
Geki Yaba Athlete spikes, portals will have to deal with obstacles such as cliffs and more than 100 different levels that you can find. Fortunately any obstacle you can apply a few different abilities.
Geki Yaba Runner is a simple but fun 2D platform. This level offers great variety when it comes to great graphics and. It’s not particularly original or innovative game, but the hook will continue for a good while.

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