Garena Garena

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The official client of Garena!

Version: 2.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Garena

Game screenshots:


Garena description:

Which allows you to listen to a large number of high-quality titles Garena based in Singapore, the most popular gaming platform on the official client. The most striking of these games, no doubt, Elysium, which is completely free without the ring.
Elysium Ring to play, all you need to do is select client, and change the position of Thailand. You can do this without having to change the language of your customer, so that’s a good thing he doesn’t have any language problem. Plus, the game begins if it is not installed even though Thai, for a time, you can change the language.
Ring game Fortnite looks a lot like Elysium and we all already thanks PUBG. A player on the ground plane 100, on a Big Island with weapons and vehicles from the ground and begins to slip. When one closes a force field around the island on the entire map and your goal is to be the sole survivor:.
Garena Origin, Steam and all the games here are completely free, which is the difference UPlay, but similar game client. They are free and only; in general, as the people of Elysium as we’ve seen here, they’re really good.

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