Gameston Gameston

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Never lose another saved game!

Version: 1.00.111
Licence: Free
Publisher: Dudu Edri & Shahar Porat

Game screenshots:


Gameston description:

Play a lot of video games on your computer. Saved games then you can guess what it means to lose because of an error. Why are these aims to help you avoid annoying problems to give tons of games a game completely.
The database, which means as soon as the program is installed, along with most of the most popular games, allows you to backup and instantly recognizes. However, you can also manually search and add the Saved Games folder without a problem.
The ability to automate backups of your saved games GameStop one of the most interesting options you have, you don’t need to worry. All you need to do and leave the rest running the program when Windows starts.
GameStop, who for one reason or another (viruses, formatting, error), etc. is a handy tool for gamers, a saved game lost so far. With tons of games, this will never happen again.

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