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Catalogue all your video games for any platform!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Capsule Corp

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GamerzDB description:

Just video game database games – keeping it under control is a comprehensive tool for video game collection, regardless of the platform, including consoles with the latest technologies many years ago. All relevant information, whether as a title or the amount you paid for the developer the game is over, broadcast, cover the history of art, and many other details you can manage your collection as the name of the entire game.
Each new update an expanding database, with more than 60 platform and with the support of the collection platforms and manage them as you wish to add and we play games. Just the name, version, or platform or game you want to add the date of the round you have to search for. Suitable for console by selecting it from the list of results for your collection or location determination the titles that you want, you can add the date of purchase. If necessary, modify the catalog entries manually later, or if you want to import the games from the Steam library.
Once the catalog is ready, it will be significantly easier management. All this information will always be available and, if necessary, to be able to control any details, platform, year, genre, or format games by filtering.

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