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Create 2D games with no prior knowledge!

Version: 2.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: Compil Games

Game screenshots:

Game Develop
Game Develop
Game Develop

Game Develop description:

Without even having a basic knowledge of Game Programming in the game that allows you to build almost any kind of Game Creation Tool.
Very intuitive, the visual environment, depending on the game development system is fairly simple, but still requires some perseverance, and a tutorial to get better satisfying results. You can deploy the game on both Windows and Linux at the same time.
Develop the game pixel animations, 3D objects, keyboard, mouse and game controllers, support; the ability to save and load games and much more, you can add a variety of functions.
A very interesting application is to improve the game without putting in so much effort and why not to create a video game, certainly you spend a few hours if you can create something interesting.

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