Frozzd Frozzd

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Really good game inspired in Super Mario Galaxy!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Jesse Venbrux

Game screenshots:


Frozzd description:

The target of a gang of creatures called orange Bubbles frozzy: freedom with beautiful and attractive will be in place in a different galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy inspired game.
Giving you the freedom to switch bubbles from one planet and you play as an astronaut you can. All the bubbles should give you the freedom to jump of a planet to the other, but first you need to kill the last boss at the end of each planet you will find.
For each level you have 12 worlds, and each world of a new kind of enemy, the last boss will try to stop you. Free bubbles will follow you, and can be used as an army to defeat the final boss. Be careful, your enemies are the enemies of bubbles, and freeze them, I will try to drink a cup of hot coffee to warm up.
One of the games more funny and addictive you’ve never played the game before download and enjoy for free.

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