Frozen Masquerade Frozen Masquerade

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2D fights for up to four players!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Andrew Nack

Game screenshots:

Frozen Masquerade
Frozen Masquerade
Frozen Masquerade

Frozen Masquerade description:

Frozen human players at the same time is facing four masked two-dimensional fighting game. However, the Xbox 360 (preferably) requires adequate control.
The mechanics of parrying, which allows you to rebuild her life and injure your opponents in a game because it uses the combat system of the game is quite unusual. Especially when there is fortunately a few players left, if you have much less life, as a result, provides a spectacular return Masked Frozen.
Visually, Frozen Mask is a great game. Eight playable characters of the fighting in which six carefully designed and the different settings are awesome. Everything perfect, hand-drawn animations are gorgeous.
The downside is that it only masked a very fun multiplayer fighting game that there is frozen, so you can’t play it alone. You need at least one friend to enjoy this addictive combat system.

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