Friends 'Til the End Friends 'Til the End

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The epic adventure of a boy and his toy helicopter!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Tribute Games

Game screenshots:

Friends 'Til the End
Friends 'Til the End
Friends 'Til the End

Friends 'Til the End description:

There’s a platform idea was born friends to the end the following: ‘, and then explore remote control helicopter into a nuclear missile in the life of a boy who is a friend of yours play you.
At the same time, constantly a kid, this ridiculous premise is a game where you control a helicopter and hides. On the one hand, on the other hand helicopters to fly, to escape the pit you have to jump over all the buildings when walking with children.
If it gets very out of hand if the child is his helicopter, the remote control signal intensity will be weak and destroy the entire city, and obviously the child is very talented, because it will cause a nuclear explosion that will kill this game demands coordination and consistent.
Friends until the end, if long (not too short), permanent we are looking for a different experience, if not very entertaining and curious indie game.

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