FreeOrion FreeOrion

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Turn-based strategy game placed in the space!

Version: 0.4.4
Licence: GNU
Publisher: FreeOrion Team

Game screenshots:


FreeOrion description:

First, build a strong empire and build to conquer new planetary systems and new technologies have to investigate, though, the universe by the creators of FreeOrion game, your goal is to eliminate all enemy colonies and spacecrafts turn based strategy game in which resides the selected media.
Freeorion you can play over LAN or internet. Play on your own if you decide to already have rudimentary AI, so just wait for it to be destroyed by the enemy soldiers.
The planets: the ring, spiral, elliptical or irregular as to decide the number of stars, you can choose the shape and density of age, but there are maps of different galaxies is generated depends on the chance of a game show.
Combine natural and human resources and build spaceships and buildings feed the soldiers, and is the key to conquer the entire galaxy.

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