Free Heroes 2 Free Heroes 2

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Heroes of Might and Magic 2 on your Android!

Version: 3278.21
Licence: Free
Publisher: Gerhard Stein

Game screenshots:

Free Heroes 2
Free Heroes 2
Free Heroes 2

Free Heroes 2 description:

Turn-based strategy game heroes of Might and Magic II, Free Heroes 2-Android version free of charge. Now you can play this classic game from 1996 on your smart phone or tablet.
You will be able to enjoy all of the same features from the original PC title. One or several players, or against different opponents controlled by artificial intelligence can direct and create games for various different groups. And, the default Heroes 2 free download with many hours of play time that will provide you with a good package of maps you can access.
The game (stone, crystal, wood, gold) collect various types of resources, cities, build buildings and build units of course work. The order of these units in the world, a variety of threats you have to put in the army, used to create.
Heroes of Might and Magic II 2 free on your Android device is the perfect way to enjoy the great heroes. Several different systems and intuitive control, you can choose to find the most comfortable for you.

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