Fragment Fragment

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First-person action and puzzles on a spaceship!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Lawrence Mathes

Game screenshots:


Fragment description:

The piece is a space ship while trying to escape a mysterious character to play first-person action game. Unlike the usual in such games, ’with a weapon, but will not be armed with some very special powers.
There are two main forces character. The first one is very simple: just by bringing your hand near them allows you to disintegrate any enemy near you is relatively. Sneak up behind the enemy and shatters him, it’s that simple.
The second power, more original, more characters, then you can check which allows you to create copies of. Everywhere you look these clones to create the most useful thing is normally that you will reach-to-reach places.
With this combination of forces, (two hands and you€™re dead) to avoid being killed by the enemies to be very careful, obviously you have to keep in that they want to try to escape from the spaceship.
The piece really tells you one thing and your safety in perfect action puzzle game portal, and in many ways resembles. Even at the technical level it’s remarkable.

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