Flying Model Simulator Flying Model Simulator

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Learn how to fly RC models!

Version: 2.0-b7
Licence: Free
Publisher: Ethz

Game screenshots:

Flying Model Simulator

Flying Model Simulator description:

If a plane or helicopter, and you want to enter the world of RC because of the damage a lot and spend a lot of money if you don’t want to, RC flight simulator free flight simulator and the model that suits your needs.
We would say that the current best RC flight simulator is not, but considering that it is totally free, can be a good way to start.
Flying model simulator implementation, testing and flying RC before we go out to improve your skills, and gives you the opportunity to fly the actual model, can mean saving a lot of money. If the transmitter by using the keyboard or the interlink Controller will use if you will use you can choose.
If true a very good choice if you want to practice for a while before flying RC model.

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