Flotilla Flotilla

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Explore, fight, and trade on your journey across the galaxy!

Version: 2.30
Licence: Demo
Publisher: Blendo Games

Game screenshots:


Flotilla description:

The fleet takes place in the Galaxy, space exploration and combat strategy game.
Fleet always at the start of the game, the universe and the planets are randomly generated, so you find yourself once more or never in the same place against the same enemy, we will fight.
As you advance in the game, you can upgrade a fleet of space ships. Initially the fleet is quite simple, but the adventure progresses, the terror of the galaxy, you can do it.
The fleet skirmish mode or play against a friend in split screen with a friend like () through a cooperative mode where you can play (as well as many interesting game modes.
On this adventure you will meet weird characters, you are sure to chicken or other space between the rudder’s like a cat. In fact, a big part of this game fun sense of humor.
The fleet is a very entertaining game, strategy-based games is ideal for anyone who enjoys space or delivery.

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