FlipFlop FlipFlop

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First-person platformer with gravity reversals!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Darkfrost

Game screenshots:


FlipFlop description:

Flip-flop by changing the gravity has to overcome a number of levels, the first and only platform. The popular game Shift, is completely incapable of jumping; instead, you have to change the direction of gravity.
This game is to go from one platform to another, always avoiding deadly traps. Just simple platforms for a more accurate calculate your speed as you advance in the game you have to land, run to the characters above, below, or not, but have to go to begin.
Only six of the flip flops there are different levels, but the difficulty makes quite a lot of longer. If you want to finish the game you need to learn about it first. Other things waiting for you to jump on platforms, Others slide, and there are lots of spikes.
Really nice graphics the game is the first person flip flops. Basically takes the gameplay from the shift translates into a 3D World.

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