Flare Flare

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Role playing and action Diablo style!

Version: 1.07
Licence: Free
Publisher: Clint Bellanger

Game screenshots:


Flare description:

Elements like titles like Diablo and Titan Quest and other similar flare Lantern playing which uses action as an equal, goblins, zombies, giant spiders and other scary creatures in a fantasy world that is plagued with a role-playing game that offers an experience that meets the role.
Like all games of this genre, your goal is to travel and find as you play with different scenarios fraught with danger, enemies, or traders just steal from them is to fight hundreds of enemies by using weapons.
Throughout this adventure, with different characters in the cities interact, fight monsters, and loot to get as well as many indoor and outdoor places you can visit.
Flare Blizzard game which is very similar to the graphics, even reminiscent of Diablo and pretty good action and a very fascinating tour, especially in the 90s role-playing game.

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