Flappy Dust Flappy Dust

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Fly, grab the jars of magic, and avoid the birds!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: OctobitGames

Game screenshots:

Flappy Dust description:

Flappy jar to pick up a friendly character who had a magic flying dust to continue control platform arcade game. Along the way, hundreds of birds flying in the opposite direction runs.
Flappy Bird Flappy jetpack tool dust mechanical other games such as the ones somewhere in between lies. In the air falling towards the ground, left to right, or in addition to moving through the Air jet. The birds very quickly if you don’t want to meet with you and if you need to do.
When it runs into a bird, the game ends. They all get as many jars as possible before a bird puts an end purpose. Also the game will be over and touch the ground then reach to the edges of the screen because you need to be careful.
Flappy dust is a beautiful and simple aesthetic which is very addictive (but difficult) mechanics with a decent platform.

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