Final Sight Final Sight

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The battle between a camel and the end of the world!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: De Haro HQ

Game screenshots:

Final Sight
Final Sight
Final Sight

Final Sight description:

An end is in sight by using weapons which the camel, a camel who threatened to kill all life forms on earth to fight an evil creature of the game simple platform game.
The game is very simple. Slowly the creature with a giant eye movements, not the ground. Go ahead and splash the sky falls a giant glaring is monitored with the goal of trying to build a bomb.
Bomb hit the giant’s eye when she gets to five, you win the game. This is not easy, but the controls can be a little sloppy since camel, a single spatial you can fall into a void. In this case, frankly, you have to start from the beginning.
At last glance, a very simple and fun platform game. Behind it is a crazy idea, graphic, there are two strengths.

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