Fighting Street Fighting Street

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Ken and Ryu's training comes to an end!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: See Production

Game screenshots:

Fighting Street
Fighting Street
Fighting Street

Fighting Street description:

Intense martial arts street fighting the Street Fighter series is in the final stages of their training, Ken and Ryu, it will take control of the legendary heroes this game is a traditional beat ’em.
At the beginning of the game, Ryu and Ken’s dojo trainer how to perform each character’s special moves, which is practical to the other students will teach you.
Then, difficult and dangerous horses pulling traps for rodents which includes a phase Dodge and the platform you need training, you must pass a final exam to complete.
This training is completed at the end fight against gangs and bandits that will try to destroy you on the streets. Now the enemy you’ll be facing more than a dozen different types, since the entire repertoire of moves to use, it’s time.
Street fighting is not only long, includes an interesting story mode, but a full game that adds additional game modes after your first job has ended. In other words, the most legendary in the history of the game starring two of the characters we’re looking at many hours of gameplay for free 2D.

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