FarSky FarSky

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Simulate submarine exploration!

Version: Beta
Licence: Free
Publisher: FarSky Development Team

Game screenshots:


FarSky description:

FarSky, an undersea explorer wakes up at the bottom of the ocean, stunned and without knowing how to get there, you will be action adventure game. The submarine itself is the only thing your hand away from the knife and a spear gun.
Two different weapons to kill the creatures that will try to take your life you can use. Initially, there are only jellyfish, but it won’t be long you’re falling sharks and other hazards.
But you need to be careful that it’s not only the sea creatures. Too much force to break a diving suit since it will also deep dive into how you should watch. And in this case, of course, the game is over.
FarSky is a game of exploration with a very special atmosphere with excellent graphics. Some moments, swinging your head around kelp forests, or large schools of fish like surrounding, it’s truly amazing.

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