Fantasy Defense Fantasy Defense

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Defend your portal from demonic troops!

Version: 2.0.4
Licence: Free
Publisher: PlayBean Co

Game screenshots:

Fantasy Defense
Fantasy Defense
Fantasy Defense

Fantasy Defense description:

Defense fantasy warriors advancing enemy troops along the way to keep the portal when trying to access a different place, a traditional tower defence.
Fantasy Defense more than 50 levels, each faces new challenges. All of the levels of the common enemy, the devil will come from one side of the screen, and the screen on the other side of the portal that you must defend. If more than 20 enemy if you manage to get to the portal, you will lose the game.
Thus, 12 different types of units to defend against enemy attacks, Warriors, Archers, Wizards, close combat, and. Each of the characters can also level up to improve their combat skills. However, to level up a character, (buy) you’ll need money.
A very traditional fantasy Defense game-tower defense book content, beautiful graphics and a pretty good amount of anime aesthetics. In short, fun and accessible game.

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