Fame Fame

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Colossal role-play adventure that's full of danger!

Version: 0.87
Licence: Free
Publisher: Piotr Benaruk

Game screenshots:


Fame description:

Fame, the mystery of the flat material or the effects of the winds the castle of ancient classics with the design of the portable though, these games that goes above and beyond by offering a major role to play and a RPG in every respect.
Adventure create your character the first thing you should do before you begin. And from this moment on, you will already see the depth of Fame. Name, class, attributes, and select the hero, gender, age, and also some special features, like an arm or a leg to get you can choose.
To bring the character to life as you create your character you can choose any or the possibility of permadeath. If you choose the first option, the appropriate design of a portable experience you’ll get.
If the level of detail that the hero would be ignorant not being able to read the signs of fame when creating a character to go, as you chose. Of course, if you have a flashlight and night is the one thing that you won’t be able to do.
All these little details to add character to talk with a very solid, traditional role-playing Game them missions and assignments to retrieve and buy and sell objects, and, of course, creatures with tons of struggle.
The battle system, as usual, turn-based. Assault with the weapon you carry (such as potions) you can use one of the inventory objects when it’s your turn, cast magic … or away.
It’s the opportunity of a full RPG to fame. It’s a solid game and a very long and interesting story. The graphics are very perfect, although not every fan of this genre like an RPG.

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