Fallen Earth Fallen Earth

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A multiplayer experience in a post apocalyptic world!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Reloaded Productions

Game screenshots:

Fallen Earth
Fallen Earth
Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth description:

Set in 2156 Fallen Earth massively multiplayer role-playing game, completely in a world that has been devastated by nuclear war. Adventure place in the world you must fight to survive in one of the few remaining habitable places in the Grand Canyon, is a dangerous place.
There are many possibilities to customize as you wish, but even if you don’t find any information about a specific character class that calls your attention is the first aspect of the fallen world during the creation of the main character. Because of course not. Instead, fallen earth character to personalize completely skill based system that provides a seemingly limitless uses.
The freedom to create, to develop, first of all, do everything they ask Fallen Earth for the survival of your character, loot camping areas, including goods collection, do different things, attacking other players, trade with urban character, when talking to other people, or to attend any of the events in an open dynamic world everywhere presents: a reflection of what is.
The combat system, in addition to is very dynamic. A role-playing game, although have fallen, and the world once again offers fun gameplay mechanics directly. As a result, the hurried throw him into the action, character, equipped and, if possible, in the company of your own clan out as something like this comes out without taking the necessary precautions can survive.
Especially interesting for fans of franchises like Fallout, Fallen Earth right, game post-apocalyptic setting, as well as other elements in a MMORPG since a lot remind me of said.

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