Fall Over! Fall Over!

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Beat all the levels but be careful to keep your balance!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Arvi Teikari

Game screenshots:

Fall Over!
Fall Over!
Fall Over!

Fall Over! description:

Autumn Is Over! with a monocle and a top hat that has a hard time keeping his balance like an English gentleman is a fun platform game with Super Mario play for some references.
And the name of this game: if this character is affected by realistic physics to an object if it does happen, probably will lose balance and fall. If more than 3 times if you fall, you will need to restart the level.
This physics between different levels of the dangerous elements as well as tricky jumps, spikes, boxes, and you need to fight the enemies that try to hit you for any challenge.
Autumn Is Over! a very funny game. If you like platformers, you will probably like it.

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