Fail Deadly Fail Deadly

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Imagine an strategy game in which you are the two bands!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Josh Sutphin

Game screenshots:

Fail Deadly
Fail Deadly
Fail Deadly

Fail Deadly description:

Main news fail deadly-combat side, you can’t control your target is bigger and more guns but the gun that allows you to make a great battle is a strategy game that is interesting to sell corporate check.
The aim of the game is to make as large as possible and to be long war. How do you do it? They will fight this to assign units and weapons to both sides, but none of this can beat the other easily.
Reminds me of Advanced Wars account if known, if the graphics of the game aren’t very good, but that’s not important.
In short, if it fails for a short Deadly while collecting a fun game that is perfect if you want to play. Easy mechanics and innovative concept that is presented to you.

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