Facebook Arcade Facebook Arcade

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The official Facebook gaming client!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Facebook

Game screenshots:

Facebook Arcade
Facebook Arcade
Facebook Arcade

Facebook Arcade description:

An interface designed specifically for this purpose by Arcade Facebook Facebook, this popular social network on the improved to play all games the official game client. In short, just like F2P Steam games Facebook.
Facebook Arcade is very simple to use. The application by default shows the featured games first, but then filter them by type or just use the search box to find a specific game you want to play if you can. Just click on any title to start playing.
In the same window as Facebook arcade all games run, and they work pretty good as long as you have internet connection. The fact that you have a much better performance than playing on an Internet Browser, one of the strengths of the app. Also less advertising.
Facebook Arcade Facebook games on a platform specially designed for anyone who wants to enjoy an interesting platform. The library is full…, Candy Crush Saga, soccer stars, pop songs, includes games such as and many others.

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