Expedition: The New World Expedition: The New World

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Exploration RPG in the age of the conquistadors!

Version: 0.5
Licence: Free
Publisher: Slashware Interactive

Game screenshots:

Expedition: The New World
Expedition: The New World
Expedition: The New World

Expedition: The New World description:

Discovery: The New World –â after consultation with Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic Monarchs – Christopher Columbus sail to the new world aboard their ships who decided to play a very special RPG.
The basic game is very similar to most roguelikes, when it comes to decisions about where to go, gives the player almost complete freedom. Thus in any desired direction you steer, manage your team, any beach, drop anchor etc. In fact, you €™on the deck of the ship, most of the time.
After landing, the tone changes to a little discovery of the new world. The crew go ashore and you need to choose the ones which will stay on the ship. But don’ship with the problem you just make sure you leave don’t forget to get enough people to man enough! Battles automatically depending on the capabilities of the people in the group play.
Discovery: the new world of roguelikes with several different visual styles. Before you start playing, many of these styles with a classic selection of ASCII characters included.
Discovery: the new world aiming to offer an almost infinite number of games an epic title. Politics, wars and large scale battles, religious missions, … there are all these elements really great results.

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