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Can you survive the end of the world for six minutes?!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Adrianis

Game screenshots:

Env description:

In a world where Env (or) falling around the world to try to survive for as long as possible to have its dangers to the brink of disaster, a first person survival game.
Forced to try to survive the end of the world during all the game takes only six minutes. You will see how the ground beneath their feet begins to crumble, and if you do this, try not to fall off a cliff because you will die.
Pay attention to where in addition to prevent water. If by chance if you try to escape from the disaster, are released into the water. And you’ll drown. And you will have to start again from the beginning. Bad luck.
Especially all the flying you will see tons of blocks on the screen act as most of the time, visually speaking, the Env is wonderful.
Env is a very interesting independent game with unique gameplay. Does not demand a lot from your computer, but in addition, visually stunning.

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