Endless Online Endless Online

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Enjoy an immersive fantasy world!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Endless Online

Game screenshots:

Endless Online
Endless Online
Endless Online

Endless Online description:

Endless Online quests and other players into a fantasy world that is filled with Create and (or characters) you can personalise your own character and dive a multiplayer role-playing game.
Something different that makes this game really unique visual style, complex, manga-inspired models. Overall, quite nice and cute.
Easy to communicate with other characters and players is not one of the strong points of war game, but it’s a big thing. Endless Online on a level based skill system, though, is the most important part of relations with other players.
Endless Online is a fun game that consumes very less memory and is completely free. It is a great way to pass the time on any PC.

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