Endgame: Syria Endgame: Syria

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A game to learn about current affairs as you play!

Licence: Free
Publisher: GameTheNews

Game screenshots:

Endgame: Syria
Endgame: Syria
Endgame: Syria

Endgame: Syria description:

Endgame: Syria, in which your goal is to kill all the enemies or the conquest of the land, far only occurs to make a peace agreement with the Syrian government ‘strategy game.
Educational aims to be the game, which is based on a real conflict in Syria, and accordingly documented. To resolve alternately, the evacuation of refugees to Turkey and other countries a range of support and we will do this by using the action cards will suggest a number of situations.
Diplomacy, in addition to Endgame: Syria government soldiers, a powerful war component to the data that you will face. But, of course, considering the player takes control of the rebels, often you will find a significant disadvantage.
Endgame: Syria is not very important in the Department of graphics and sound, and in fact both are very minimalist. Everything you see will be static displays in the game you will hear sounds and simple means.
Endgame: Syria is fun, hours of fun and also educational, though, is quite very important that will help you understand the details of a modern conflict continue unnoticed.

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