Elsword Elsword

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Free online action game with an anime theme!

Licence: Free
Publisher: KOG Games

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Elsword description:

Most of the other games in the genre that uses a completely different game Elsword is a free MMORPG. Instead, using a more paused style, Elsword is a 2D to customize everything about your character just ‘beata€™em up’ style of fighting offers.
Elsword, the visuals along with the story behind the basically your own manga/anime, meanwhile, allows you to massively multiplayer gaming experience to get at the same time usual star. This PvP other players and face-off with means that participate in both cooperative battles.
You can choose from six different characters that you can then edit and customize basic. Maintain the basic essence of the characters, although substitutions can be applied to create hundreds of completely unique character.
Elsword, in which players customize a hero, deep in enemy-filled dungeons, battle other players and much more fun in a MMORPG books. Anime/manga quite a theme appropriate graphics and all.

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