Ecksdee Ecksdee

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Free and great Wipeout-like 3D game!

Version: 0.0.9
Licence: GNU
Publisher: Ecksdee Team

Game screenshots:

Ecksdee description:

If you had a classic like the hands on eckst played wipeout 3D is a game that puts a spaceship that is ready to become a pilot.
Eckst a hard time winning the race to space Crystal spatial technology to be fun, really good graphics and it takes a lot and gives us.
Needs some work on the prayer rug, but already ready to be played and you’ll enjoy it too. Three different Sceneries, space ship, enemies, and one goal: first.
This is a control point in the middle of the circuit or try to be on time spaceship will explode.
Use the arrows to move and Z to speed up the ship; C a little more to increase the speed, and the spacebar to fire the laser beam.
In short, if it continues to be developed as if eckst so far, excellent that may be a really good game.

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