Dwelvers Dwelvers

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A near-perfect clone of Dungeon Keeper!

Version: Alpha 0.6
Licence: Free
Publisher: Rasmus Ljunggren

Game screenshots:

Dwelvers description:

Dweller’s a dungeon filled with monsters which you need to manage by a real-time strategy and management game. Expand by digging a cave and stone breaking, not to mention taking out any enemies you encounter along the way.
Different types of rooms to meet the needs of the residents of the creature you can create. For example, the dining halls and bedrooms needs to attract the goblins, however, then you’ll want to create additional rooms, torture dungeon, to attract new kinds of creatures and libraries.
In addition to rooms that are created for creatures, traps and decorations for different types of dungeons you can create. This helps motivate you to personalize your shelter for the creatures you need to fight on your side. In fact, if you can make them happy if you can leave at any time.
Stands out as dweller’s graphical. An independent game, three-dimensional models is quite impressive, considering it has an attractive appearance overall.
Dweller’s classic Dungeon Keeper is all good, (which, to be fair, I didn’t at first) a great strategy game with none of the downsides.

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