Dwarf Fortress Dwarf Fortress

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Are you ready for this adventure? No, you´re not!

Version: 0.40.01
Licence: Free
Publisher: Bay 12 Games

Game screenshots:

Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress description:

The goal of Dwarf Fortress players control a group of adventurers to survive, which is just a lot of dead is a game about being a dwarf. In this process, of course, among many tools including all the Dungeon Delve and the game you are creating.
Dwarf Fortress when the game starts, create a world that will remain persistent throughout the game. Everything in this world, of course, is constantly changing. Civilizations grow, wars and get destroyed, and as always, you can try and intervene when they see fit.
No matter what situation we find ourselves and accept missions in the region gets the credit while the depth of the gameplay is great, alone in the depths of a dungeon, battling enemies and building tools goes for Guy travelers.
As a small example to give you an idea of the size of the pure Dwarf Fortress, logically, in the real world, you would expect the game to rock over two hundred different types, all geological is placed.
Dwarf Fortress is great and challenging game. The learning curve is destructive, control, visuals and rough control, self-tuning, it can take quite a while. However, players who persevere will find a truly unique experience.

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