Dustforce Dustforce

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Using a broom has never been so funny!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Hitbox

Game screenshots:


Dustforce description:

This stage will test your patience and skill to overcome evil Dustforce four independent platform for an array of brooms from the driver for Game.
Seen Super Meat Boy, sudden, deadly traps everywhere, and the street sweeper that killed us with the game level design is quite reminiscent. Fortunately, he had a few aces in your pocket.
Our classic double character make the jump faster, slip on floors and walls and ceilings, and hit it with a broom. If there is an object on the plane if you can make an additional jump, because this last action is particularly important.
Dustforce is a fun game that will appeal to everyone looking for challenges. Also, visually a real workhorse, outstanding visuals.

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