Dust Racing 2D Dust Racing 2D

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Full-speed 2D racing!

Version: 1.3.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: Jussi Lind

Game screenshots:

Dust Racing 2D
Dust Racing 2D
Dust Racing 2D

Dust Racing 2D description:

Dust Racing 2D is a fun, Sticks n slide ‘and the’ super Car ‘in the line and then classics such as the presents, no-frills driving experience in terms of the burden of the two-dimensional racing game.
The game has simple controls, allows you to play with one hand. 2D racing with a friend in the powder, which is highly possible with the keyboard, it may not seem useful when you want to play on this extra, but it works.
At the beginning of the game, except all the pieces are locked, but as you win races, the more channels you can open. PLUS, this game play with a friend comes with a track editor which allows you to create your own courses or integrated.
Dust Racing 2D is a racing game with a lot of fun at the same time simple. As you play the game as an additional challenge and try to record your best Times, best part is that you can beat your own records.

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