Dungeons of Fayte Dungeons of Fayte

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Dungeons are better with friends!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Brent Ellison

Game screenshots:

Dungeons of Fayte
Dungeons of Fayte
Dungeons of Fayte

Dungeons of Fayte description:

Dungeon crawler dungeon of Fayte. This, as much as possible and to win as a number of other scenarios explore dungeons and Treasury experience.
You know, if you play with other players dungeon of fayte is the best. In fact, the cooperative mode on the same keyboard at the same time to do this two, enough controllers and a mouse, for example, can support up to four process.
The game is reminiscent of Diablo like RPG. As before, to loot all your stuff in your way to kill enemies, take their gold and improve your character.
Also if you complete the dungeon RPG is primarily a cooperative game yourself if you want Fayte. If you play with a few of your friends, but really it would be much better.

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