Dungeon Souls Dungeon Souls

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A crazy, fast-paced roguelike/arcade game!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Mwaayk

Game screenshots:

Dungeon Souls
Dungeon Souls
Dungeon Souls

Dungeon Souls description:

The dungeon randomly generated dungeons filled with traps and deadly enemies of the spirit of the deep, where the Nuclear Throne with a similar design into a portable arcade/. The only thing they all have in common in spite of dungeon, Hell No is identical to the previous one, the same level of difficulty.
Dungeon Souls before playing, its features, weapons and powers with one of six playable characters, each one you must select. Archers, for example, can attack from a distance, but only the Knight can use melee attacks to perform, but very powerful, although it is quite weak.
As you progress through different levels of Souls dungeon, you can continue to improve your character’s attributes. Also you can find a lot of objects to add other effects to your character. Of the game is to advance through the dungeon, however, requires both skill and sensitivity, because neither the traps nor the bad guys will make things easier.
Prime Minister appeal to the spirits of the dungeon that resembled an excellent game Nuclear Throne. A real treat for all fans of the genre.

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