Dungeon Fry Dungeon Fry

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How many dungeons do you feel like destroying today?!

Version: 0.7
Licence: Free
Publisher: niteshg16

Game screenshots:

Dungeon Fry
Dungeon Fry
Dungeon Fry

Dungeon Fry description:

Fry dungeon (Warrior, Mage, or thief) of many different character types to choose three different raid dungeons, kill all of the enemies you face along the way with a design to portable.
This type is very common because the dungeons are random, (randomly placed enemies and treasures at the same time, you will be plagued with tons of giving way to an almost infinite number of levels.
In addition to the weapons, there are nine different players that can be used to get rid of enemies spells. To use this spell, you must level up and gain experience by killing enemies.
Another traditional feature portable design with permadeath dungeon Fry available. If a character dies, it’s over and you need to start with a new one for him.
The dungeon roguelikes will find a challenge at Fry’s at the first level, for more experienced players is a very fun RPG.

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