Dungeon Dogan Dungeon Dogan

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Escape the cursed catacombs alive!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Deconstructeam

Game screenshots:

Dungeon Dogan
Dungeon Dogan
Dungeon Dogan

Dungeon Dogan description:

A hidden treasure at the bottom of the dungeon who is born of the cemetery after receiving a curse that will kill them within 10 seconds of control of the victim explorers is a puzzle game.
Professor Dogan keep it alive until the end of your goal in each level. Although in some important moments it is important on some levels (warrior, demolition strongmen and men) are completely expendable to the other members of his time. In other words, you can’t let some die, but some others you need to keep for strategic purposes in life.
Demolition men, for example, a warrior during the time of the murder the killer monkeys required to move the rocks out of the way. In any case, all the characters die unless it is to touch the Black Stone may need to move to keep in mind that only a limited number of times before.
The nature of the dungeon game with great graphics and a very advanced puzzle game. Another important project is the Deconstruction Spanish studio, the developers of the popular gods will be watching.

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