Dungeon Colony Dungeon Colony

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Become the Dungeon Lord!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Sebastian Wolfram

Game screenshots:

Dungeon Colony
Dungeon Colony
Dungeon Colony

Dungeon Colony description:

Dungeon Colony loyal minions with the help of a nearby cave and try to explore everywhere, save from destruction the Dungeon, The Dungeon Lord, you take the role of a real-time strategy game.
The mechanics of the game are quite similar to those of Dungeon Keeper. Instead, a continuous control, you can only directly control the evil Lord’s the only difference. Apart from that: like a soldier traps, mineral resources can perform tasks such as setting or attacking, and to charge a fee for doing so is quite similar.
On the other hand, create all kinds of elements, appropriate use of materials, and process diagrams to do this. Torches, traps, door or bookshelves, you can create various things, including the creatures to teach.
Great complex with very nice graphics and very fun mechanics like dungeon Colony is a strategy game. Finally, it’s like a modern version of Dungeon Keeper with splashes of extra action.

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