Driftmoon Driftmoon

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Charming role-play in a fantasy world!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Instant Kingdom

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Driftmoon description:

To embark on a fantastic journey that takes you into the magical world of Driftmoon Driftmoon is a third-person role-playing and adventure game. There, the stability of the Kingdom and his forces terrorize the world once again wakes up from the slumber King ixal bad when it collects may be compromised.
In an attempt to fight back, heroic adventurers who lost everything except her perseverance to continue the progress of a little Firefly, a panther, and strange group is counting on the help of a living skeleton.
With this team, your goal to save the world from a disaster that could cause the return of the Ixal. In order to be successful, you need to pass a lot of tests, featuring dozens of quests and many secondary tasks.
Thanks to all the secondary tasks and conflicts with enemies, the characters to develop, gain skills and strengthen the bond that unites them.
At the technical level, Driftmoon is a game that attracts much attention. The graphics are among the best in the last years is not, but charming visual style has its own personality.
Driftmoon, the main story about 20 hours, as well as procedures is a tool to easily implement their own changes to the game allowing players from around the world contains a different role-playing and adventure game.

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