Dr. Driving 2 Dr. Driving 2

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Learn to drive for real!

Version: 1.35
Licence: Free
Publisher: SUD Inc.

Game screenshots:

Dr. Driving 2
Dr. Driving 2
Dr. Driving 2

Dr. Driving 2 description:

2 Dr. driving-racing to the finish line as fast as you can as the goal where to buy Factory Racing 120 miles round games-a driving game that moves away. Instead, normal, normal cars at normal speed for urban circuits.
The game, which there are more than 100 different missions to achieve goals of all kinds. However, careful forethought, the important thing in all tasks, driving all the traffic rules, respect speed limit, avoid breaking, and, of course, without an accident.
Depending how good or bad the ol, after completing a mission, you will receive an amount of money. Of course, with this cash you can buy more and better tools to make excursions in the city richer. Also you can buy new tires and new engine parts.
You need to become a good driver Car 2 Dr original and fun driving game. It’s not ground one of the games and just hoping for the best. No.

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