DOSBox Portable DOSBox Portable

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Emulate the MSDOS operating system from any computer!

Version: 0.74
Licence: Free

Game screenshots:

DOSBox Portable

DOSBox Portable description:

DOSBox is a great app that emulates the DOS operating system MS Windows.
This program is for the use of the game and excellent running MS DOS applications, but now it will give you problems to execute them.
Basically an excellent compatibility with games for the old XMS/EMS/file systems and CPU emulator supporting 286/386 real mode stereo sound card for…
In short, this is a great idea for the old operating system, people with nostalgia and wonder.
Also, thanks to this new portable version, the program to be executed without the need for any installation can be stored on any portable storage device because you can run the program from any computer.

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