DoomRL DoomRL

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The Doom role game is real hell!

Licence: Free

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DoomRL description:

Venture into randomly generated dungeons DoomRL, which will Doom the universe in `our existence… something inevitable in this genre roguelike and let them kill as many demons as possible before the end.
Most of the times different if we want to overcome 25 levels, if very, very rare although we will add the game to feel like we are repeating a scene we’re going to win `the game 25 levels occurs randomly; this means that. Something, sometimes there is more than one surprise `we find a special level.
Doom is a `roguelike as expected, the whole arsenal of the traditional weapons of the game of this series as we have been so accustomed to find in almost all the enemies will be. Special items, of course, even this situation some new ones have been added.
If you continue killing enemies, our character will move up a level. Always the lower levels who won’t be allowed to make any mistakes, you gain more abilities that will be needed to overcome the enemy, we do that.
DoomRL with great graphics and sound section. The game uses the original Doom sounds and graphics created by Derek Yu, the perfect pixeled using a style.
DoomRL different difficulty levels thanks to our eyes and burn our fingertips as hell includes authentic experiences allows you to enjoy a remarkable melting relatively simple roguelike.

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