Doomed Dungeon Doomed Dungeon

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An animated dungeon RPG!

Version: 1.2.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Daz

Game screenshots:

Doomed Dungeon
Doomed Dungeon
Doomed Dungeon

Doomed Dungeon description:

Cursed dungeon the enemies to open the door to the next level and re in which your mission is very simple: a first-person RPG.
The game ‘dungeon crawler’ species, like most of the title is played in the first person. In this view, a hundred spiders, skeletons and goblins, all of them using different weapons and spells, such as he’s facing a lot of enemies you must kill.
A button in the right hand allows you to cast another spell checks and a gun. If that runs out, they die, the enemies health bar and mana potion because I always drink for free when you have to stand on a close eye.
The game aside, the most striking aspect of the game, fun graphics. A perfect game goes with the cartoon aesthetic of a friend, I feel these games are more friendly instead of traditional violence.
Quite deep and complex system instead of being cursed dungeon, the player can immediately dive into and immediately start enjoying the pure fun and experience a very light and fun RPG.

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