Doom 3 Source Code Doom 3 Source Code

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The source code of Doom 3 is now free!

Licence: Free
Publisher: iD Software

Game screenshots:

Doom 3 Source Code

Doom 3 Source Code description:

The legendary game Doom 3 freely available source code to make one of the most prominent names in the world of video game a few months ago John Carmack, founder of Id Software and one, said. And now he did.
From now on, any user can use and distributors to avoid legal conflicts with id Software John Carmack Doom 3 removed any traces of this classic game you can play with the code.
Remember, the engine behind Doom 3 (name) is used for iD Tech 4 games like Brink this year, so it is a few years old although it still works well.

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