Donkey Kong Remake Donkey Kong Remake

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A good clean-up for the classic Donkey Kong!

Licence: Free
Publisher: mickfarrow

Game screenshots:

Donkey Kong Remake
Donkey Kong Remake
Donkey Kong Remake

Donkey Kong Remake description:

Retains the original Nintendo version of Donkey Kong to be able to play all of the games untouched, but on the graphics side is very difficult.
The new ‘sprites’ are very well designed, especially Princess Peach, Paper Mario is inspired by the design of.
The version of Donkey Kong if it’s the same game we played two years ago if we put apart the graphics, we find. It’s very addictive.
Four different levels, each representing 25 metres, and to achieve the goal, defeat Donkey Kong and save the girl.
Of course, jump barrels thrown by a giant monkey on our way to the top of the scale.
Okay, this isn’t a new game, but new graphics, Nintendo Classic games and old classics that never die I remember long afternoons and nights of this we can show young people. Donkey Kong again you should be able to play any game out there.

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